Jul 17 - Sep 4, 2021

This exhibit shares a glimpse into The Lincoln Center’s ArtWear experience. Gary and Carol Ann Hixon inspired and created the vision for ArtWear Fashion Week, which has evolved during its almost 30-year history into the ArtWear Biennial.

A visit to the San Francisco Design Center in 1985 led to a chance encounter with an artwear show and auction. Soon, the Hixons started to visit other artwear shows across the country. After learning what went into creating a successful event, they decided it would be fun to bring a show to Fort Collins. Teaming up with Ellen Martin and The Lincoln Center in 1992, ArtWear was born and became the fundraiser for The Lincoln Center Visual Arts Program.

Over almost 30 years as the creative force of ArtWear, the Hixons have acquired, and created, a truly unique collection of wearable art. The ArtWear Biennial is not happening this year due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we are excited to share its history through the Hixon’s stunning wearable art collection and the history of the ArtWear posters. 

While The Lincoln Center Art Gallery is currently only viewable by those attending a ticketed or pre-scheduled event, we hope you can join us on our public viewing days:

Wednesday, July 28, 12pm to 6pm
Wednesday, August 11, 12pm to 6pm
Wednesday, August 25, 12pm to 6pm

(More dates to come.)