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Passion for Bach and Coltrane

Mar 12, 2020

Passion for Bach and Coltrane is a work for wind quintet, string quartet, piano, double bass, percussion and orator. Inspired by A.B. Spellman book of poems, “Things I Must Have Known", the poetry speaks to the musical mastery of J.S. Bach, John Coltrane and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, as well as religion and mortality.

Blending Spellman’s words with a musical collaboration between Imani Winds, Harlem Quartet and other jazz musicians, this seven-movement work draws on classical and jazz influences alike—particularly Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” and Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.” Passion explores the influence of spirituality on the art of these masters and asks the inevitable question, "What if Bach and Coltrane were to meet?" It challenges the performer and listener to be comfortable with the seemingly polar opposites of the musical spectrum presented as equals.

Passion for Bach and Coltrane explores the premise of Passions rather than the actual Biblical accounts, using orated poems in lieu of the intoned Gospel, and Bach, Coltrane, Rubalcaba and Spellman in lieu of the traditional Biblical characters.

"…skilled and spirited musicians"—The Washington Post

"Their diversity from classical to jazz, their amazing intuitive playing, their enthusiasm and professionalism, their poise and interpretation of such challenging music… made one feel that music can transpose all issues."—Herald Review

The Classical Convergence Series is presented by The Lincoln Center and Colorado State University School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

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Thu. Mar 12
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