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Come to Your Senses, the new show from world-renowned dance company Pilobolus combines dance, video and theater to create a journey through diverse worlds, each with its own atmosphere, characters and emotional tones. Come to Your Senses explores our relationship to our senses with fun, tenderness and humor. Immerse yourself in new and vintage works spanning two dozen years of Pilobolus collaborations in dance, video and music. Come to Your Senses begins with a zany fairy tale exploring the evolution of the eye, continues on to explore the beauty and strength of human connection, unravels the mystery in a myth of the origin of life and ends with a playful celebration of our human orientation in the biosphere.

Pilobolus has taken five dance pieces and three videos to create an evening that is inspired by their creative collaborations with Radiolab, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and a brand new piece made with collaborator Thao Nguyen, host of the podcast Song Exploder.

Come see, feel and hear Pilobolus’s reflection on our connection to each other and the world around us.

Pilobolus is named after a barnyard fungus that propels its spores with extraordinary speed, accuracy and strength. The dance company was founded by a group of Dartmouth College students in 1971 and they continually form diverse collaborations that break down barriers between disciplines and challenge the way we think about dance. Physically and intellectually, the company engages and inspires audiences around the world through performance, education and creative consultation.

“The continuity of changing imagery, the easy sensuousness and the wonderful push-me-pull-you surprises of the physicality: These still seem to come right out of their makers’ dreams and into ours.”—The New York Times

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