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An Evening with Pura Fé & Cary Morin

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Although she was originally born and raised in New York City, Pura Fé has chosen to lay her guitars in Saskatchewan, Canada. Pura Fé, an heir to the Tuscarora Indian Nation, is an artist, an activist, and much more. She still draws a large part of her inspiration from her rich First Nation heritage when she writes about today’s problems.
Saying that Pura Fé was brought up in a musical environment is an understatement. On her maternal side, she claims no less than eight generations of Tuscarora singers. Her mother, gifted with a Wagnerian operatic voice, was the featured vocalist in several of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts. “She would have deserved to be heard all over the world, but those were difficult times for a woman of color,” regrets Pura Fé whose father, born in Puerto Rico, boasted First Nation and Corsican blood.
Initially working as a background singer, in the studio as well as in Broadway musicals, she eventually felt the need to express herself through her own songs. “It came out just like that, all of a sudden!” she recalls. This outburst took the name of Ulali in 1987. This singing trio, formed with Soni Moreno and Jennifer Kreisberg, rapidly made waves with its bluesy Native American sounds.
The connection between Native music and the African-American primal art form, abundantly explored by one of Pura Fé’s most ardent fans, Taj Mahal, then became her trademark as she started her solo career with the help of the Music Maker Relief Foundation.  When she’s not touring or fighting for civil rights, Pura Fé sings her Tuscarora blues songs at home, to the sound of her lap-steel guitar.
Cary Morin has been described as, “One of the best pickers on the scene today.” Morin brings together the great musical traditions of America like no other. Deft fingerstyle guitar, vocals that convey melodic elation and gritty world-weariness, Morin crafts a style often characterized as full-throttle Native Americana . Morin hails from Montana, relocating to Colorado in the early 80’s, where he currently resides.  Morin has toured Europe, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. as a solo artist and as a member of The Pura Fé Trio for the past 10 years.
"A man and a guitar, a lot of soul, and an understanding of the history of soulful men with guitars in American music can sometimes achieve this kind of timelessness in their work…,” comments Richard Higgs (Public Radio Tulsa). “Morin has the chops. [His] performances… would stand out, variously, among the old-school delta blues pliers, the Greenwich Village folk crowd at the end of the 1950s, the back-to-nature bards of the late '60s, or today's thriving scene. Morin references all these styles, but he's no dilettante. His engaging sound is his alone...."
Together, Pura Fé and Cary Morin are a powerful First Nations duo, with strong vocal harmonies, and masterful guitar work.

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