Walking into the Lincoln Center anticipation mounts and the crowd hums with excitement. You grab your drink, find your row and TAKE YOUR SEAT. As the lights dim, the curtain opens and the world melts away. That’s what it’s been like to Find Your Center and over the past 40 years, as YOUR CENTER, we’re grateful to have shared so many wonderful moments and memories with you.

We’ve touched your heart, thrilled your senses and energized your soul, and now you can show your support for the Lincoln Center while helping us build our future. 

After 40 amazing years, we’re replacing all the Performance Hall seats with new chairs that will feature new padding, new fabrics and, best of all, cupholders! We’ll also be making other some upgrades along the way such as new carpeting, transfer chairs, improved aisle lighting, and light locks for the mezzanine entrance to minimize distractions during the show.

For a tax-deductible donation of $500 or $1,000, we’ll personalize a seat plate with an inscription of your choice for placement on the new seats — leaving a lasting impression of your LOVE and SUPPORT for the Lincoln Center and all the amazing art we showcase.

Seat inscriptions are limited to two lines of 21 characters each  including spaces. (A grand total of 42 characters are possible but must be split between two lines.) 

Inscribe a seat that marks:

- A cherished family member
- An individual, group or family
- A favorite quote or inside joke
- An amazing memory you’ve made here

Please note that as we make upgrades to the Performance Hall, seat numbers will change. Therefore, specific seats for inscription cannot be guaranteed.

Your donation will help us make the arts more accessible to the community. In that spirit, inscribed seats will be available to anyone who purchases tickets and cannot be exclusively held.

Take Your Seat Now! Take Your Seat