Green painting with dark figures.
Art Exhibit

2023 Contemporary Art Survey

Aug 19 – Oct 7, 2023


This exhibit features an exciting combination of work by 31 artists in all genre and media, presenting a survey of contemporary art in America. Selected from a national call for artists, Guest Juror Haley Hasler has chosen artworks reflecting the artists’ capacity to consider the wide world of issues, objects, imagery and ideas to tell stories through art. Representational, abstract, and conceptual works are included. A detail of Greenhouse Gathering by Gayle Gerson from the exhibit is shown above.

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Juror Bio:
Haley Hasler is an artist based in Fort Collins, CO. She works exclusively in the realm of the painted self-portrait and represents herself as a central point in an endlessly revolving domestic drama. Hasler states “I conceive of a painting as a kind of theater, a stage set for my characters and protagonists.” Through her life events coupled with fiction and fantasy, Hasler explores the role of women in today’s society through the lens of art history, culture and domesticity.


$1,000 Grand Prize

Heather Schulte — A Plague on Both Houses. Cross stitch on newspaper showing COVID-19 heat map
Heather Schulte — A Plague on Both Houses

$500 Second Prize

Charcoal drawing of a heat blanket
Shelby Shadwell — Emergency Blanket 9

$250 Third Prize

Paper sculpture with black and white patterned background and floating rings
Teresa Castaneda — Deja vu

Honorable Mentions:

Jason Bly — Perforator. a painting of a ray-gun toy with a green background and apparent holes underneath that show a woman and child with a pink background
Jason Bly — Perforator
acrylic 3D images of guns that appear to be melting on a blue and white background held up by antlers
Darryl Halbrooks — Manhood Meltdown
Painting of a group of people on a boat lit by a fire from below.
Jenna Cruff — Thar She Belies!
Included Artists:Artist Website:
Jason Bly, Wichita Falls, TX 
Teresa Castaneda, Denver,
Lijun Chao, Auburn,
Jeanne Ciravolo, Hamden,
Jenna Cruff, Denver,
Nick Davis, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Hector Del Campo, Westfield,
Anne Feller, Boulder,
Gayle Gerson, Grand Junction,
Krista Harris, Bayfield,
Craig Hawkins, Hahira,
Maureen Hearty, Joes,
Christine Hogg, Fort Collins,
Darryl Halbrooks, Richmond,
Sarah Konrad, LARAMIE,
Patrick Luber, West Des Moines,
Leslie Macklin, Conway,
Jon Madsen, Laramie, WY 
Laurel Marx, New York,
Eric McGhie, Fair Oaks,
Allyson McDuffie, Boulder,
Andrew Meade, Fort Collins,
Clara Nulty, Louisville,
Gunnar Olson, Fort Collins, CO 
Julian Orenstein, Denver, CO 
Sherry Polley, Indianapolis,
John Ralston V, Baltimore,
Heather Schulte, Boulder,
Shelby Shadwell, Laramie,
Michael Sharber, Santa Fe,
Donna Wolfe, Livingston, TX