The Lincoln Center is committed to keeping sustainable practices at the forefront of our operational model and limiting negative impacts on our community’s footprint. The Lincoln Center sets the highest standards for efficiency, conservation and impact reduction while embodying sustainability standards.

How We Are Making a Positive Impact


  • Energy saving lighting design is used throughout the facility resulting in an energy reduction of 22% compared to other buildings. Nearly all lighting in public and special events spaces are LED.
  • The Lincoln Center Box Office can be accessed without entering the building allowing for net energy savings as it can operate without needing energy to power the rest of the building.
  • Windows throughout the facility allow for use of natural light instead of lighting fixtures during day hours.
  • Controllable lighting and HVAC allow for more efficient operating levels during non-event hours.

Air Quality

  • Bike racks are located at all entrances to support alternative transportation initiatives.
  • Parking spaces reserved for low emitting vehicles only.
  • City provided electric vehicle charging stations are available directly adjacent to the venue.
  • No smoking throughout the building or grounds.
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes on all floors, walls, and surfaces, including wood products without formaldehyde and carpet that meets the Green Label Plus program.


  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures that use a combined 43.9% less water than industry standard fixtures.
  • Water conserving native landscape surrounding the facility, reducing water use.
  • Green Seal Approved cleaning products used venue wide to reduce the amount of chemicals introduced into the water system.


  • Single stream recycling is located throughout the facility at each landfill bin. Our recycling program includes: paper, aluminum, plastics 1-6, glass, shrink wrap, plastic bags, bubble wrap, cardboard and toner cartridges.
  • Caterers are required by contract to participate in recycling and compost programs.
  • Front and Back of House compost collection.
  • All batteries and light bulbs are collected in designated containers for proper recycling.
  • Carpet tiles are used instead of rolls to reduce waste when carpet is replaced or repaired.


U.S Green Building COuncil Leed Gold Logo

The Lincoln Center has the distinction of being one of the first of three performance venues in the United States with LEED Gold certification.

Energy Star Partner logo

The Lincoln Center has been a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Partner since 2011.

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