The Lincoln Center is committed to creating a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for all members of our community. The Lincoln Center’s commitment to equity and inclusion begins with creating a space in which BIPOC, LGBTQIAP+, people of all gender identities and expressions, people of all ages and sizes, people of all abilities and people of all ethnicities are equally considered.

As part of our commitment to equity and inclusion, The Lincoln Center has undertaken the following:

  • Intentionally using inclusive language on The Lincoln Center website, tours and promotional materials
  • Training staff on inclusivity and diversity
  • Using inclusive imagery on website, social media platforms and promotional materials
  • Incorporating gender-neutral facility signage for inclusive spaces like restrooms and wedding preparation areas
  • Holding vendors accountable for upholding The Lincoln Center inclusivity standards
  • Reserving a special designation on The Lincoln Center website and rental guide for LGBTQIAP+-friendly vendors who exceed our inclusivity standards
  • Upgrading theatre dressing rooms and wedding preparation spaces to better accommodate people with disabilities
  • Ensuring 100% disability-accessible event spaces and theatres
  • The Lincoln Center is a Dementia-Friendly business, trained to give compassionate and supportive customer service to those in our community living with dementia. Click here to find out more.
  • Offering hearing loops in all of our conference spaces and theatres for individuals who are hard of hearing
  • Making the Rental Guide available in Spanish, Arabic and Chinese, the three most commonly spoken languages in Fort Collins after English
  • Adapting signage around the venue to include Spanish translations
  • Booking a diverse range of performers to include programming for everyone in our community

The Lincoln Center recognizes that its commitment to equity and inclusivity requires an ongoing, continuous effort. The staff of The Lincoln Center is constantly listening, learning, and adapting so that all members of our community feel welcome, respected, safe and celebrated. Feedback on how The Lincoln Center can improve is always welcome.


The Lincoln Center calls upon every member of our community to join us in this commitment. Only together can we achieve the high standards of inclusion that our diverse community deserves. The Lincoln Center urges fellow businesses to use inclusive language and imagery and take a critical lens to their practices. The Lincoln Center urges all members of our community to use their time and resources to support inclusive businesses, interact with inclusive social media accounts and continue educating themselves about the importance of equity and inclusion.


The City of Fort Collins is an organization that supports equity for all, leading with race. The City of Fort Collins acknowledges the role of local government in helping create systems of oppression and racism and are committed to dismantling those same systems in pursuit of racial justice.