Complexions Kicks Convention to the Curb

You won’t find another dance performance that begins with the music of Bach, ends with Metallica, and highlights David Bowie and Odetta songs in the middle — unless you’re fortunate enough to see Complexions at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center this March.

Complexions isn’t just another ordinary dance company. Their style, performances and methods push far beyond the boundaries of convention, forming an eclectic group that reinvents dance.

“Complexions is a contemporary ballet company,” says co-founder
and choreographer Dwight Rhoden, but they are far from stuffy. “The company itself does everything from neoclassical to high energy works. We’re not afraid to entertain you.”

Cofounders Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden were both principal dancers with the renowned Alvin Ailey dance company, and Richardson was the first black American principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre. From this foundation, the group’s aim has been to foster diversity with a group of dancers from varied backgrounds.

It’s this originality that’s kept the company thriving since 1994. Rhoden says that the company has a focus and energy that have maintained its caliber while keeping things fresh for the past two decades.

Connection is another high priority in their performances — Rhoden hopes that the audience finds it “easy to sit back and watch and identify with a dancer.”  They hope to attract those that may not necessarily “get” dance, and give them a performance to emotionally connect with.

Experience the physicality, athleticism, inclusivity and range of Complexions on March 22. Seats start at $15 and we invite you to stay for the FREE post-show discussion.