Daily Chronicles: The Beauty of Everyday Life

Daily Chronicles focuses on the beauty and simplicity of everyday life and features the work of Andrew DeCaen, Morgan Ford Willingham, Teddi Parker and Whitney Sage. See the exhibit March 9–April 15 in The Lincoln Center Art Gallery and join us for an Opening Reception on Friday, March 10, 5:30–7:00 p.m.

The included artwork by these four artists guides the visitor through a seemingly mundane narrative, in a way that stirs intrigue. Whether that is through color, scale or media, each of the four artists transforms an ordinary situation into a thought-provoking opportunity to draw attention to and appreciate one’s surroundings.

Included artists:

Andrew DeCaen of Denton, TX uses drawing, printmaking and sculpture to examine rituals and habits surrounding the space, time and manner in which we eat, prepare and acquire our meals.

Teddi Parker of Fort Collins, CO has been exploring the beauty in the everyday and ordinary through painting almost daily since 2014. Without formal training, she has developed her own painting technique with house paint to capture life around her.

Whitney Sage of Naperville, IL focuses her acrylic-ink drawing on the sprawling neighborhoods of Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan, many rendered endangered and unrecognizable due to generations of disinvestment and abandonment.

Morgan Ford Willingham of Emporia KS uses photography and embroidery to allude to the intimate daily circumstances between her and her daughter and the historical and cultural influences that shape them both.

The Lincoln Center Art Gallery is free and open to the public Wednesday and Friday, 12–6 p.m. and for most performances.

To learn more, visit lincolncenprod.wpengine.com/daily-chronicles.