Daring to Dream

The word “dreamer” means something different for everyone. For some in America, it may evoke issues tied to immigration; for others, it simply represents the idea that anything is possible no matter how impractical or idealistic. Magos Herrera and Brooklyn Rider invite you to join them at Colorado State University’s Center for the Arts on January 25 as they challenge and explore these ideas through the music of their Grammy-nominated album Dreamers.

To Magos Herrera, “A dreamer is someone that is capable of imagining beyond our reality.” Her latest album with Brooklyn Rider focuses on how this ability to imagine can transform the way we view immigration. Herrera sings the narrative of Dreamers through contemporary jazz mixed with the melodies of Latin America, appealing to the emotions and the powerful message behind the music. Her sultry voice and compelling stage presence have made her a force in the Latin American jazz scene. Through this music, Magos Herrera strives to be the voice of marginalized people of Latin America, who dare to dream under oppressive regimes and the young dreamers that fled in pursuit of a better life.

Her songs are inspired by the political tension that stems from anti-immigrant sentiments and her own personal experiences as an immigrant with US citizenship. “This project was born during Trump’s America,” she states. “It was a perfect inspiration to speak up as a Mexican immigrant.” The album’s objective is to challenge the narrow definition of an immigrant and how immigrants are seen. “I wanted to share the beauty of Latino America and to show the greatness of Latino America.”

Herrera has cemented her place in the Latin American music scene for over 20 years and cites her album Dreamers as—without a doubt—a breakthrough. “I forced myself into an unknown place when we started this project,” she says.

As a part of braving the uncharted waters for Dreamers, she brought in the famed New York avant-garde string quartet Brooklyn Rider. “They embrace my sound, the way I sing and the way I create the live performance. They really embraced this collaboration.” In 2017, Brooklyn Rider’s potent sound grabbed her attention at a national music festival, and the rest is history. “Every single step has been incredible and profound—to learn from these incredible musicians.” 

The bond between her and the audience is what she lives for as a performer. Incredible is the word she would use to describe her connection with her audience. “It’s magical when you’re serving that music on stage and people connect with you on a very deep level. Through music, we are one. It’s so beyond.”

Come take a musical journey with Herrera and Brooklyn Rider as they celebrate the beauty of music as a political act. Feel the notes move through you, the words transport you and join the musical celebration that tells the story of Latin Americans and encourages everyone to dream. Herrera and Brooklyn Rider will perform their album Dreamers in its entirety on January 25 at the UCA’s Griffin Concert Hall. Tickets start at $29 and are available at LCtix.com.