Fiercely Funny

“Margaret Cho is timid” – said no one ever. The bold comedian is an active advocate for homeless LGBTQ anti-bullying and anti-racism campaigns and she brings her outspoken brand of comedy to the Fort Collins Lincoln Center February 24.

“I’ll be talking a lot about our new president” Cho says of her upcoming show “I think this is the best time for comedy when there’s an administration you don’t necessarily agree with; we always thrive when people we don’t like are in power.”

Cho began her stand-up career during the Reagan years and says that her comedic career took off during the Bush Administration. Her hope for the upcoming show is to offer tips to help people stay safe during the political climate — “for everyone anyone who is afraid of what’s going to happen or afraid of this new world we’re going to be living in” Cho says. She’ll also tackle sexism and Hollywood white-washing.

As an openly bisexual woman who fights against hatred and discrimination Cho was happy to learn that the Lincoln Center’s Art Gallery will be exhibiting “Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate” during her show. The exhibit runs through March 18 and displays 39 artists’ work converting thousands of anti-Semitic racist books into thought-provoking pieces of art.

Aside from Cho’s stand-up comedy she’s explored comedy albums — from live recordings of shows to comedy music like her 2016 album “American Myth” that’s been nominated for a Grammy Award. She’s also an actress recently starring in roles in the six-season series “Drop Dead Diva” and the upcoming sci-fi/fantasy movie “Bright.”

Despite her other pursuits stand-up remains Cho’s prime passion. “It’s powerful it’s adult it’s exciting. I think this is what I do best I’ve been doing comedy for 34 years so I’m really excited to bring it there.”

Tickets start at $20. Visit for more information.