Our Cups Runneth Reusable

You may notice something a little different at the bar when you come to The Lincoln Center: we’re taking our commitment to the environment to a whole new level! For select upcoming shows, we are trading in our compostable cups for reusable ones with r.Cup.

Every year 120 billion single-use cups are used by Americans and nearly all of it goes to landfills. In North America, the live event industry has contributed to over 4 billion single-use and disposable cups each year. The r.Cup’s reuse model helps eliminate single-use waste by bringing a reusable cup system to events. Our patrons will be served the same ways, the only difference is that instead of tossing your cup in our compost bin, you will be throwing them away in our clearly marked r.Cup bin. Those cups will then be washed and ready for the next time you visit.

r.Cup has successfully helped decrease the waste that the live event industry brings to landfills. Since being founded in 2017, it is the first reusable platform that has terminated 2 million tons of CO2 emissions in over 30 states, 90 cities and 12 countries.

At your next visit, we hope you enjoy your beverages more knowing that you participated in a more sustainable practice!