What To Know Before You Go

Whether you are new to The Lincoln Center or have been to the venue hundreds of times, we want to ensure that you have a great time when you visit. Here are a few handy things to know about The Lincoln Center before you head over.


The Lincoln Center lobby is always open at least one hour before showtime. Theater seating begins 30 minutes before showtime. We request that you silence all cell phones, personal communication devices, watches and/or other electronics before an event begins. Camera and video usage is prohibited during performances unless stated otherwise.


Public parking is available in The Lincoln Center lot at the corner of Mulberry and Meldrum streets and this season, we’ve expanded the number of handicapped parking spots in that lot. Parking is also available in the Mulberry Pool parking lot just west of The Lincoln Center. Additionally, there are 500+ parking spots available north of Mulberry Street within a two-block walk of the center and more parking is available at Lincoln Office Center (419 Canyon Avenue) for all LC LIVE shows. Please note that signed lots east of The Lincoln Center that are posted as NO PARKING are strongly enforced by the property owner and those in violation will be towed. To view a parking map and for more info, visit LCtix.com/parkingOr forget parking and take the bus! The Lincoln Center is just two short blocks west of the Mulberry stop along Transfort’s MAX bus route. For schedules and more info about MAX, visit ridetransfort.com/max.


The Lincoln Center bars open one hour before showtime and offer a full variety of beverages for purchase including wine, beer, cocktails, soda and coffee. The bars accept cash and major credit cards. All drinks purchased at our bars can be taken into the theatre. You can pre-order your drinks for intermission and they’ll be ready when you come out of the theater! Inquire at any open Lincoln Center bar the night of your show. The Lincoln Center proudly features reusable r.Cups. In North America, the live event industry generates over 4 billion single-use and disposable cups each year but r.Cup is helping us eliminate single-use waste. Instead of tossing your cups in the compost bin, toss them into our clearly marked r.Cup bin. They will be washed and ready for your next visit.


Our bar concessionaire offers a variety of snack foods for purchase before each event and during intermissions. While you are welcome to take your drinks in the theatre, we ask that you enjoy your snacks in the lobby only. Looking to make dinner plans? We also boast over 50 restaurants within a one-mile radius.

Energy-efficient Water Fountains and Bottle Fillers

We’ve recently updated our water fountains to include bottle fillers. Not only are these new units sensor-activated, which helps keep germs from spreading, but they are also helping us to save both water and electricity and reduce solid waste in the form of plastic water bottles. We encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottles when you visit. Replacing disposable bottles and cups with a reusable water bottle is a small change that can make a big difference. Whether you want the convenience of not having to wait in line for water at the bar, or you want to reduce the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams and other places where plastic waste ends up, we look forward to seeing you and your reusable water bottle at your next visit!

Access Programs Digitally

Now you can easily access our programs from your mobile device, giving you the ability to peruse show and theatre information in an easy-to-navigate format. QR codes will be provided at the performance.

We can’t wait to see you at your next show and we sincerely thank you for supporting arts, culture and creativity in Northern Colorado. It is directly due to your patronage and support that the arts and The Lincoln Center continue to thrive in our community.