Special Event Venue Rentals
in Fort Collins

Offering nearly 17,000 square feet of event space, The Lincoln Center can accommodate indoor or outdoor events of all sizes including fundraisers, retirement parties, celebrations of life, graduations and so much more. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering for a few friends and family members or hosting the grandest event of the year, The Lincoln Center has the expertise and spaces you need.

Great event center! Very helpful staff!

Great event center! Very helpful staff!

What’s Included

  • Customized event floor plan and setup that includes programmable lighting, complimentary tables and chairs, sound system and more
  • Professional event management team ready to handle any unforeseen concerns
  • Private changing rooms
  • Access to a full-sized catering kitchen
  • Facilitation of vendor services such as catering and event rentals (15% delivery service charge may apply)

We’re here to help with your event!