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Return of the Light

This performance has passed. Please see some of our upcoming shows below.

Front Range Classical Ballet Academy students perform an original ballet, Return of the Light. This winter solstice story tells the tale of trickster Raven who is jealous of the Sun. Wanting the praise of the humans and animals for herself, Raven distributes gifts to win their favor. Soon the animals and humans are taken with the treasures they have been given and forget about the glories of the Sun, who in turn retreats to spend less and less time warming the Earth. Long nights and cold descend upon the Earth. Seeing the destruction of their beautiful home caused by coveting Raven’s gifts, Grandmother gathers the animals and humans around her and together they work out a plan to bring the Sun back!

Other highlights of the performance include guest appearances of Front Range Contemporary Ballet Company members accompanied by cellists as well as a piece set to the holiday favorite Carol of the Bells, also accompanied by live music. Come join us for this uplifting evening or afternoon of dance!

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