Protect Yourself from Ticket Scammers!

Predatory ticket practices and scams are on the rise here in Fort Collins and across the country. Often, patrons and consumers just like you are being price gouged, sold fake tickets, hit with hidden fees and deceived into paying higher prices on fraudulent websites. These predatory practices siphon money away from artists, communities, fans like you and venues like ours. Unfortunately, the business of ticket reselling is completely legal, so consumers need to be extra vigilant to protect themselves.  

Here’s what you as a ticket consumer need to know to ensure you don’t fall victim to ticket scammers.  

  • Authentic Lincoln Center tickets can ONLY be purchased through—The Lincoln Center’s official website—or directly through The Lincoln Center’s Box Office either by phone at 970-221-6730 or in person at 417 W. Magnolia in Fort Collins. 
  • Tickets purchased at are guaranteed to be legitimate, valid and sold at their true face value.  
  • Ticket reseller websites often charge substantial service and/or convenience fees and may additionally increase ticket prices significantly above face value. 
  • Don’t trust your Google search results. Often, unauthorized ticket reseller websites, such as Seat Geek, StubHub, Vivid Seats, etc., will appear as advertisements in your Google search results ahead of The Lincoln Center’s official ticketing website 
  • Ticket reseller websites are designed to look and function like official venue websites. To further deceive consumers, these resale websites may even display accurate seating charts from The Lincoln Center. 
  • Duplicate, counterfeit or altered tickets purchased through unauthorized ticket resellers are not honored at The Lincoln Center. 
  • The Lincoln Center will NOT refund fees or replace fraudulent, lost or stolen tickets if purchased through unauthorized ticket resellers.
  • Scammers will use comments on The Lincoln Center’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to try and sell you fraudulent tickets, especially if a show has limited seats left. Interacting with these comments are solely at your own risk. The majority of these sellers are intending to either price gouge or scam you with fake tickets.

It’s important to also note that on occasion, artists may allocate tickets through approved vendors like Groupon or they may make tickets available through official fan club websites. If you are even in doubt, please call our Box Office for clarification before purchasing.  

The Lincoln Center makes every effort to combat predatory ticketing practices by competing for ad space on Google searches and reporting suspected scammer websites to Google. Sadly, until laws surrounding ticket resale and predatory ticketing practices change, consumers are at risk. 

Protect yourself from scammers…NEVER buy tickets from any website except, the official website of The Lincoln Center.