Intimate Gatherings, Uncompromising Safety

As our community gets back to business, The Lincoln Center is excited to be reopening its doors to provide a space perfectly adapted to small-scale meetings and events*, ideal for accommodating today's physical distancing requirements. With experienced event planners, affordable rates, strict sanitization standards, and a prime Old Town location, The Lincoln Center offers the convenience and commitment to safety you and your guests deserve.

In our effort to ensure the health and well-being of those planning and attending an event at The Lincoln Center, we have carefully reviewed the guidelines laid out by our State and County partners and we can assure you we are following them closely. Just some of the precautionary measures we are taking include:
  • Requiring our employees to be temperature screened daily
  • Requiring that all guests, employees, and vendors wear face coverings
  • Ensuring that all public and private areas, including restrooms, meet current physical distancing requirements
  • Sanitizing all surfaces and equipment every 1-2 hours and between events using the latest in electrostatic sprayer technology
  • Creating traffic flow, ingress, and egress patterns which maintain distancing in and out of the venue and event spaces
 Let our team of industry experts fine-tune every detail, with our promise to keep you and our community safe.
*Actual final capacities may vary based on layout, event needs and physical distancing limitations.

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